Question:  Can you tell me about the Bible?

   Answer:  I am always delighted to tell people about the Bible.  It would be wonderful if more people seriously wanted to know about God's book, the Bible.

   Facts about the Bible.  The word "bible" is derived from the Greek biblos, meaning a book.   Being a revelation from God (2 Tim. 3: 16-17), it is pre-eminently The Book.   About forty persons were used by God in writing the Bible.  The first was Moses, the last John (Genesis; Revelation).  The Bible contains three dispensations:   Patriarchal, from Adam to Moses; the Jewish, from Moses to the death of Christ; and the gospel, from Pentecost (Acts 2) to the end of the world.  The Bible has stood all attempts to show it false and destroy it.  It has been translated into major languages of the earth.

   The books of the Bible.  The sixty-six books have been assigned names by man to assist us in studying them.  These names often help us to know the contents of each book.  Genesis is from the Greek genesis which means beginning.  The Bible was divided into chapters by Hugo in 1240.   The Hebrew books were divided into verses in 1445 and the New Testament in 1551.   Five books compose the books of law (Genesis - Deuteronomy), twelve history (Joshua - Esther), five poetry (Job - Son of Solomon), and seventeen books of prophesy (Isaiah - Malachi).  The New Testament has four gospels (Matthew - John), one book of history (Acts), fourteen books of Paul (Romans - Hebrews), seven general epistles (James - Jude), and one book of prophesy (Revelation).

    The Bible tells us of our origin (Gen. 1-2), purpose (Eccl. 12: 13), and destiny (Matt. 25: 46).  It tells us how to live to go to heaven (Tit. 2: 11-14).

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